The University of Nairobi ( is the premier university in Kenya. The university responds to the higher education learning needs in Kenya and the Africa region and has demonstrated a reputable acumen in training and scholarship. The university is one of the top 10 universities in Africa with diversified academic programs and specializations in sciences, applied sciences, technology, humanities, social sciences and the arts. The University of Nairobi (UON) is an innovation leader in higher education delivery with extramural program and centers.

The university has 35 Faculties, Schools, Institutes and Centers; 584 Programs, 84,000 Students, 2,052 strong academic staff, 164 Professors, 264 Associate Professors, 5,525 Administrative and Technical Staff and 184,000 alumni.

The UON is pleased to partner with the Horticultural Industry Stakeholders to organize the 2nd Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Conference and Exhibition, a follow up to the inaugural conference held in 2017. The UON has much to offer to the Horticultural Industry in Kenya right from quality inputs required for high productivity all the way to consumption ensuring sustainable and informed consumption of horticultural products locally and globally.

Universities are knowledge institutions and over the years researchers in Universities have generated lots of knowledge and products relevant for the Horticultural Industry in Kenya and beyond.

Quote:‘This conference is a good platform for us to showcase and disseminate some of our research outputs as part of outreach’ said Dr. Ambuko, a senior lecturer and head of Horticulture at the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection. Dr. Ambuko reckons that it is a high time the industry stopped looking at Universities as ‘Ivory towers’ and seek meaningful engagement and partnerships with academia.

Looking at the dynamic Food horticulture value chains (fruits, vegetables and herbs), there is need to embrace technology and innovation to ensure that these value chains remain competitive and profitable. Strategic partnerships between the Horticultural industry players and academia/researchers is an important ingredient into the desired knowledge-driven growth of the sector.