SOCAA is a registered membership-based organization of agro-enterprise advisors and consultants, drawn from various bodies as producers and exporters, input and service providers and independent consultants amongst many others.  Our members are engaged along the entire crops value chain from input supply to market access.   We engage with public and private sector bodies to partner in building an enabling environment for professional services in support of crop agri-business enterprises.

Our mission

We exist to promote professionalism in advisory services; our commitment is to support an enabling environment to help in the realization of the economic potential of the agricultural sector in Kenya.  Through consumer awareness, collaborative advocacy, promoting food safety and enhancing market systems. Members participate within the organization through general meetings and working groups that drive the thematic developments of SOCAA.

Our structure


Our focus points

  • Dynamic membership services
  • Policy interventions in the agriculture policy space
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture

Our contribution to the promotion of food and nutrition security in Kenya

SOCAA has partnered with SNV Netherlands Development Organization, IFPRI and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) under the Voice for change Project (, where SOCAA is the leading the CSO interventions within the horticultural food and nutrition security sector in Kenya.

The goal for this project is the improvement in consumption of safe nutritious horticultural produce.  Through evidence-based advocacy targeting the food safety and food loss reduction policy frameworks and working environment at the National and County level we anticipate changes such as

  • More effective implementation of food safety regulations and standards by government
  • Public private collaborations and partnerships on food loss reduction initiatives
  • Adoption of food safety standards by private sector players (processors, transporters, aggregators and market outlets)
  • Adoption of assured produce schemes by producers
  • Improved consumer awareness and demand for food safety

Consumer awareness and demand for food safety as an integral part of food and nutrition security is at the heart of engagement with consumers and through Food Safety Champions we anticipate a critical mass of consumers who will embrace and lead the call for holistic changes in the food supply system not just for horticulture but also for other food products from agriculture.

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